Dan Stillwell
Dan StillwellBoard President
Paul Herman
Paul HermanImmediate Past President
The Herman Company
Brian Volpei
Brian VolpeiVice President
Morgan Stanley
Sally Knutson
Sally KnutsonBoard Treasurer
Cast & Crew Entertainment Services
Jennifer MacDonald
Jennifer MacDonaldBoard Secretary
Natalie Augustine
Natalie Augustine Member at Large
John Marshall Elementary
Heidi Chong
Heidi ChongMember at Large
The Walt Disney Co.
Jimmy Clegg
Jimmy CleggMember at Large
Oakmont Builders
Michael Dragan
Michael DraganMember at Large
Rhino Records
Laurie Dew
Laurie DewMember at Large
Hotel Amarano
Carol Granados
Carol GranadosMember at Large
Providence St. Joes Medical Center
Jacquie Henderson
Jacquie HendersonMember at Large
Midnight Oil
Rob Hollman
Rob HollmanMember at Large
Rosinante Group Advisors, LLC
Leena Mathew
Leena MathewMember at Large
University of Southern California
Courtney Korb
Courtney KorbMember at Large
Brad Korb Real Estate Group
Dr. Levon Mesropian
Dr. Levon MesropianMember at Large
UCLA Health Burbank Pediatrics
Joan Ortiz
Joan OrtizMember at Large
Limerick, Inc
David Regan
David ReganMember at Large
Cypress Equity Investments
Joe Santos
Joe SantosMember at Large
Bank of America
Glenn Weeks
Glenn WeeksMember at Large
Randall Foods Inc.
Richard Wilson
Richard WilsonMember at Large
Burbank Water and Power
Dave Augustine
Dave AugustineAdvisory Board Member
Burbank Properties
Brian Boquecosa
Brian BoquecosaAdvisory Board Member
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Denis Cremins
Denis CreminsAdvisory Board Member
Burbank Police Department
Dawn Lindell
Dawn LindellAdvisory Board Member
Burbank Water and Power
Mathew Poage
Mathew PoageAdvisory Board Member
Al Shapiro
Al ShapiroAdvisory Board Member
Michael Walbrecht
Michael WalbrechtAdvisory Board Member
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

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