Shanna Warren
Shanna WarrenChief Executive Officer
818-842-9333 ext 110
Jenny Shih
Jenny ShihChief Financial Officer
818-842-9333 ext 111
Susan Sebastian
Susan SebastianDirector of Development
818-842-9333 ext 114
Lupe Herrera
Lupe HerreraVice President of Operations
818-842-9333 ext 120
Marisa Robinson
Marisa RobinsonAssistant Director of Development & Operations
818-842-9333 ext 121
Priscilla Galvan
Priscilla GalvanMembership Director
818-842-9333 ext 113
Catherine Pierce
Catherine PierceHR/Finance
(818) 842-9333 ext.116
Arpineh Khodagholian
Arpineh KhodagholianProgram Director
818-842-9333 ext 122
Kyle Warren
Kyle WarrenSocial Media Coordinator
818-842-9333 ext 113
Serli Mehrabian
Serli MehrabianArea Director
(818) 840-9559
Alfonso Ortega
Alfonso OrtegaArea Director
(818) 840-9559
Jay Jackson
Jay JacksonAthletic Director
818-842-9333 ext 118
Anita Nazarian
Anita NazarianCreative Arts Director
818-842-9333 ext 201
Jose Alfaro
Jose AlfaroTeen Director
818-842-9333 ext 119
Christian Rodriguez
Christian RodriguezSTEM Coordinator
818-842-9333 ext 119
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine GarciaCollegeBound Coodinator
Mike Graceffo
Mike GraceffoActivities & Special Projects Coordinator
Elizabeth Suzuki
Elizabeth SuzukiDeaf and Hard of Hearing Coordinator
818-842-9333 ext 115
Hayacharm Rios
Hayacharm RiosDeaf and Hard of Hearing Assistant
Arianna Rojas
Arianna RojasDeaf and Hard of Hearing Assistant
Dot McDonald
Dot McDonaldEducation Coordinator
Sabrina Hidalgo
Sabrina HidalgoOffice Receptionist/Assistant

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