Shanna Warren
Shanna WarrenChief Executive Officer
818-842-9333 ext 110
Jenny Shih
Jenny ShihChief Financial Officer
818-842-9333 ext 111
Susan Sebastian
Susan SebastianDirector of Development
818-842-9333 ext 114
Lupe Herrera
Lupe HerreraVice President of Operations
818-842-9333 ext 120
Marisa Robinson
Marisa RobinsonAssistant Director of Development & Operations
818-842-9333 ext 121
Priscilla Galvan
Priscilla GalvanMembership Director
818-842-9333 ext 113
Jennifer Estrada
Jennifer EstradaHuman Resources Coordinator
818-842-9333 ext 116
Arpineh Khodagholian
Arpineh KhodagholianProgram Director
818-842-9333 ext 122
Kyle Warren
Kyle WarrenSocial Media Coordinator
818-842-9333 ext 113
Serli Mehrabian
Serli MehrabianArea Director
818-842-9333 Ext. 112
Jay Jackson
Jay JacksonSports and Recreation Director
818-842-9333 ext 118
Anita Nazarian
Anita NazarianCreative Arts Director
818-842-9333 ext 201
Jose Alfaro
Jose AlfaroTeen Director
818-842-9333 ext 119
Christian Rodriguez
Christian RodriguezSTEM Coordinator
818-842-9333 ext 119
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine GarciaCollegeBound Coodinator
Mike Graceffo
Mike GraceffoActivities & Special Projects Coordinator
Elizabeth Suzuki
Elizabeth SuzukiDeaf and Hard of Hearing Coordinator
818-842-9333 ext 115
Arianna Rojas
Arianna RojasDeaf and Hard of Hearing Assistant
Sergio Valles
Sergio VallesReceptionist/Office and Membership Assistant

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